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Halloween Costume Party!

Bongwe's Annual Halloween Costume Party!! It's that time of the year and we are excited about this party as you are. We have an amazing line up of: 20:00hrs-Live band with Cactus Agony alonside Uhuru Vibes for that favorate Dancehall Reggae and Rock Music. 23-01 Dj Bright and Dj Sticks. The two party rockers will be offering a great mix of old and new favorates. It's k50 per person COSTUMES ESSENTIAL!!! Things to Remember; (1) Costumes can be absolutly anything! You can come dressed as zombies, mummies, ghosts or even silly non scary things such as a traffic light, salesman, a chipolopolo player, an animal...all up to you. GET CREATIVE! (2) VERY IMPORTANT!! This party and all of the staff involved are doing so for the purpose of fun and laughs only. We do not support the occult or any of the historic or negative connotation attached to Halloween. This is a party which we have EVERY YEAR as it is the owner of Bongwe's birthday, and we like to get dressed up, have fun and be silly! So save the date! Get your costumes at ready! Get inventive! or just order online! Over 18s ONLY! This is strickly for adults! Call 0973 589419 if you have any questions. See you soon!

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